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These 10 Couples Have The Longest Marriage Years Ever Recorded! Till Death Tear Them Apart!


1. Herman and Bertie Solomon, Great Neck, NY. 81 years, 21 days. Here they are celebrating their 80th anniversary.


2. Zhang and Xu Dongying, Shanghai, China. 83 years, 237 days. Their combined age is 209 and they are Shanghai’s only centenarian couple.


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" We learned in art class that technically, black is not a colour, but rather, the absence of. Black was in fact, a shade—one that held its presence in every gradation of grey, only departing completely, with the transition into white. I always thought of white as a clean slate, an un-written page. A snow covered field or a wedding dress. White is starting over, an absolution from all your sins. That day, I was the furthest away from white that I could possibly be. "

Lang Leav  (via lovequotesrus)
" People say love isn’t supposed to be painful. But maybe the best things in life are the ones that hurt the most after they’re gone. "

Julie Johnson, Say the Word  (via lovequotesrus)